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A Toronto publishing company formed in 1969 by Andrew Twa with the acquisition of the music-publishing division of BMI Canada (PRO Canada). Ralph Cruickshank (who joined BMI Canada in 1966 and became head of its publishing division in 1969) served as vice-president of Berandol until he and his sister, Mary Plumley, purchased the company and succeeded Twa as president in 1972. Berandol continued and expanded BMI Canada's publishing program. It has maintained a large catalogue of concert music and a rental library of orchestral material by François Morel, Istvan Anhalt, Jean Papineau-Couture, R. Murray Schafer, Harry Somers, Robert Turner, Gilles Tremblay, Healey Willan, and others. The education catalogue includes recorder music by Mario Duschenes and Hugh Orr, and books and multi-media performance materials by Schafer.

In the 1980s Berandol developed a Canadian school music program written by Elaine Mason and Marilyn Hardie called Music Builders and a French language program by the same authors with Suzanne Pinel called Musique s'il vous plaît. Both programmes are used extensively by elementary schools with  kindergarten to grade six classes across Canada, and feature Canadian composers and artists.

Berandol's pop music catalogue was taken over by Broadland Music in 1972; a second pop catalogue was developed in subsequent years. In addition, Berandol has created MUSlcache, a collection of the standard repertoire on microfiche produced by Bell and Howell.

Berandol Records, established 1975, have released LPs by the pianist-organist Harold Clayton, the Toronto Baroque Trio, the Toronto-Consort, and, in the pop field, the pianist Rob Liddell. A second label, Bear'n Doll, was introduced in 1978 with the first of several LPs by the singer Sandy Offenheim. Sandy`s music  initiated the rush into children`s pop music, followed by Sharon, Lois and Bram. Her works for children  remain popular  today as new generations of children discover  Sandy. Other Berandol  timeless CDs include Canada`s Favourite Folksongs for Kids and the Canadian national anthem, O Canada.

Berandol has acted as agent for Hargail Music Press and Jaymar Music and for some years also represented Universal Edition. Many of Berandol's publications are printed by the W.R. Draper Co., but a number of shorter run publications are printed by Jal Holdings Ltd. Plate numbers are not used. Berandol also operates Cee and Cee Music and Plumtree Music. The name Clark & Cruickshank also appears on the imprint of some early Berandol publications.

R Cruickshank

Ralph Cruickshank, who passed away in 2002, was a composer, in addition to operating Berandol. One of his compositions, Reach for a Star, was recorded by James Last about the time of Ralph's death. Earlier compositions were published on the albums Tears and The Dreamer.

Berandol's educational publications include the innovative works by David Walden, The 'Goat with the Bright Red Sox' (co-authored by Lois Birkenshaw), 'Understanding the Language of Music' and 'Music Theory for the Bored and Confused'.

The Educational Catalogue and Concert Works are now distributed in Canada and internationally by Leslie Music Supply Inc. of Oakville, Ontario and its website lists many of these works. The catalogue includes a number of recordings of Canadian works for young people. The Rental Library is operated by Graham Coles of Kitchener, Ontario where he is Conductor of the Kitchener Waterloo Chamber Orchestra. Graham is also a composer and a former member of the Berandol organization. A comprehensive catalogue of concert works is distributed  by Graham Coles.

Berandol itself distributes Music Builders and Musique s'il vous plaît and arranges teacher assistance seminars to explain the effective use of these materials. The company has been operated by Mary Plumley since the death of her brother Ralph Cruickshank. Sandy Offenheim remains active in the distribution of her works as do Marilyn Hardie, Elaine Mason and David Walden for their respective works.


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