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Sandy Offenheim

Statue Game

Sandy Offenheim was a pioneer in the children's recording industry. Her original songs and chants are classics at home and school. They are included in many music educators' collections, such as:

  • Music Builders - Canada
  • Hand in Hand - USA
  • Vocal Ease - Australia

This one-hour compilation includes:

  • Let's Play A Statue Game
  • All The World's Children Need Love
  • It's So Nice To Have A Cuddle

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The songs on this recording were written and compiled for all children to sing and enjoy. They cover a wide range of topics which interest young people: transportation, home and family, seasons, days of the week, food, the city, the farm, counting, telling time etc.

Also available, a separate songbook with lyrics and music.

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D Walden & L Birkenshaw

The Goat


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David Walden

David Walden has been a music educator for over 30 years. In addition to his many years of private teaching, he has lectured at the university level, and has taught for several years at the Toronto Board of Education.

Music Theory for the Bored & Confused

His philosophy of teaching musical theory is to make music enjoyable. To this end he has written 'Music Theory for the Bored and Confused, Books I & II'. Both books are unconventional and represent an imaginative and humourous presentation of musical notational development.

Understanding the Language of Music

'Understanding the Language of Music, Books I & II, is a 'user-friendly' series designed to clearly teach music theory.


To the students and teachers who will use
this series, welcome to a learning party!
...the result of which will be an ability
to understand and appreciate the
wonderful world of music!

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Folk Songs For Kids


11 of Canada's favourites as selected by Ralph Cruickshank, producer of Music Builders. A delightful, uplifting, toe-tapping collection of songs by a children's chorus.

Lyrics are included for:

  • Red River Valley
  • Donkey Riding
  • When The Ice-Worms Nest Again
  • Squid Jiggin' Ground
  • Farewell To Nova Scotia

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4 Versions:

  • English
  • French
  • Bilingual
  • Instrumental

Lyrics are included.

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