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'The Music Builders series is a must for every school!

A combination of musical excellence and easy to follow format make it an invaluable tool for both music specialists and regular classroom teachers alike.

This is a Canadian series that aptly reflects our culture and unique history.

I would highly recommend Music Builders. I use the CDs absolutely every day in my classroom!'

Joan Hayhoe

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'It's always a pleasure to have Sandie Heckel present to our Music AQ students.

Sandie's rich background in the arts, wonderful rapport with her audience, as well as her extensive knowledge of the resource, make the presentations educational, engaging and fun!'

Yana Ioffe
Curriculum Consultant
Music and Literacy Education Centre
Centre for Leadership and Learning
York Region District School Board

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Music Builders has been listed as a complete music program from K-6 and is utilized by all of the following:

Toronto District
School Board

Peel District
School Board

Thames Valley
School Board

Upper Canada District School Board

Durham District
School Board

Algoma District
School Board

Nova Scotia
School Board

School District #7

Simcoe County District School Board

Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board

York Region District School Board

Northern Lights
School District #113

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board

Learning Resources – Newfoundland

Waterloo Region District School Board


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Can't sing,
Can't play,
But have to teach music...

Let MUSIC BUILDERS do it for you!

    1. Builds conceptual understanding of the elements of music
    2. Builds music skills through a wide variety of experiences
    3. Builds aesthetic awareness through carefully selected music expressions and activities
    4. Builds success in the classroom – for both teachers and pupils.

      MUSIC BUILDERS is easy to use and works in every classroom.

Teachers’ Manual

Each level of the program is uniquely organized so that the enacting material is easily accessible to facilitate quick lesson preparation. Teachers’ manuals are bound inside the record jacket which serves as a cover and index for the contents of the program. By following the manuals, the teacher can plan activities which explore the elements of music – melody, rhythm, timbre, harmony, dynamics, style and form. The entire program takes into consideration that some teachers may have limited musical experience.


Many of the songs are sung by a chorus comprising of children in the 9 to 12 age range. This group presents a natural sound and is a realistic classroom model.

Special Feature

Each Music Builders CD utilizes “Pick a Track” stereo option. Voices have been recorded on one channel and instruments on the other. By using the balance setting on your stereo player, you have the choice of hearing voices only or instruments only. This enables children to sing along with the music or to provide accompaniment to the vocals.

Model Califone 2455AV costing $275. is available COD at Premier Music sales 416-755-1148/800-267-0700. Ron Galea is the salesperson who knows about dual track and will help you. They specialize in schools. This machine is suitable for MUSIQUE AND MUSIC BUILDERS.


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This extensive Early Childhood music program consists of 3 CDs and a user friendly Teachers’ Manual. It provides all the elements needed for the foundation of music education for the young child.

Many songs, singing games, chants, finger plays, and stories provide a rich language experience and give the child opportunities to find the difference between the speaking voice and the singing voice. Music for listening, and many movement and playing experiences, help the young child to internalize steady beat, develop listening skills, and respond to music in imaginative and creative ways.

For the teacher, the Manual contains detailed information on how to build a creative sound centre, help build singing skills and provides detailed, easy to use lessons that follow the school year themes. The CDs contain all the music needed for the program and with the separated tracks, build in a solid and musical support for the child’s singing experience.

Music Builders I extends the Kindergarten experience with a wealth of songs, singing games, stories, chants and poems, and readily connects to the language program. It builds in success by developing skill sets throughout the year in listening, playing, moving and singing. It provides many opportunities to involve the child in learning about the elements of music and use them in creative ways.

Ways to connect the aural experience to the written notation are given. The Teachers’ Manual contains material that allows the teacher to provide a rich, musical, and enjoyable years’ work in music with ideas on how to integrate it with the rest of the classroom program. The CDs provide an excellent singing model for the young child and accompaniments that can be separated. Music for listening, moving and playing, rounds out this vibrant and varied Grade 1 program.

MB- 1

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MB- 2

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Music Builders II provides many opportunities to establish singing skills through a wealth of appropriate songs that reflect a variety of styles

A detailed section in the Manual on “Helping the Young Singer” gives the teacher confidence and skill to work with the young voices. The CDs provide a model for the children to emulate.

Again, a focus on building listening skills is developed though various experiences in movement, in playing percussion and simple melodic instruments, and in creative activities. Ways to help the Grade II child connect the aural experience to the written music continue to be given.

This program builds on the skills gained in the earlier programs. Exciting yet more challenging material gives the child many opportunities to develop and refine skills gained in the earlier years.

Movement education is emphasized with many opportunities to explore various styles of music and movement. Singing skills are further developed through a wealth of songs that appeal to the Grade III child. Playing skills focus on wind instruments with ways to approach playing the recorder.

There are also interesting arrangements for Orff instruments which students can play as accompaniments to songs. The written aspects of music are developed showing different ways to notate music - as in a piece for electronic music. The Teachers’ Manual provides detailed lessons for the year and the CDs contain all the music for singing, listening, playing and moving.

MB- 3

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MB- 4

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The Grade IV music program gives a wide variety of vocal experiences for the Grade IV student, and encourages the recognition and understanding of music from many cultures. In the singing repertoire, many rounds help to build the skills necessary for both unison and part singing. The listening, moving and playing experiences continue to build and hone skill development while the students participate in the musical experiences. The Teachers’ Manual provides the detailed lessons and units of work for the year, and integrates well into the classroom program. The CDs contain all the music needed to teach this Grade IV program. As in all the Music Builders programs, the music contains the qualities that have stood the test of time. Student Books contain the songs and relevant material.

The Grade V Music Builders program, contains a wide variety of experiences to excite and challenge the Grade V student. The Teachers’ Manual is written in an easy to use style and allows for the classroom teacher to deliver a well planned and rich music program that integrates well into the general classroom program.

The specialist teacher will recognise and appreciate the in depth experiences designed to give the students skills and knowledge in all areas of the music program through singing, playing, moving, listening, creating and the reading and writing of music. The CDs contain all the music for the program and the Student Books provide the songs and relevant material.

MB- 5

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MB- 6

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This program provides and in-depth music education for the Grade VI student. The basic concepts in music, covered in the earlier grades, are looked at in a new way, one that allows for the understanding of how the elements of music work together to produce a cohesive whole. Questions such as, “What makes a melody a memorable melody?” are explored in creative ways bringing the student into a genuine musical experience.

Many styles of music are explored in the listening selections, and singing skills are refined in the many unison and part songs. The CDs give and excellent vocal model and the musical accompaniments with the separated tracks, allow for the students to sing unaccompanied or with support. The Teachers’ Manual gives the classroom teacher the necessary background to deliver a solid yet exciting program. The Student Books contain the songs and relevant material.

When students have worked through the Music Builders series from K – Grade Vl, they will have a rich, in depth music education. They will have strong skills and an enduring knowledge and understanding of music.


Attractive, easy to use Student Books
are available for Grades 3-6.

Words, graphics and music notation facilitate
and enhance the learning of concepts,
lyrics and music reading.

Students enjoy using individual books as
an integral part of the music program.

MB- student books

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