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Reach for a Star

Reach for a Star Bk 1BOOK 1

Employing a fun-filled approach to recorder teaching, Marcelline Moody has written a Recorder Manual for teachers, Reach for a Star, with accompanying CD and reproducible student pages. It is a step-by-step introduction to the first five notes, B-A-G-E-D, which lay the foundation for good playing.

Reach for a Star- studentNot only are there clear lesson plans for these five notes, with enjoyable and interesting musical material and games, there is also an abundance of helpful tips for understanding how the recorder works, producing good tone, and for teaching the fundamentals of music education-- rhythm, traditional notation, melodic structure, form.

teacher CDThe students are led through their pages by a character called 'Reggie Recorder' who gives them gentle reminders about good playing and of the focus of each page.

student CDThe music on the accompanying CD encompasses styles from simple Orff accompaniment to jazzy arrangements played by professional musicians on real instruments.




Reach for a Star Bk 2

Book 2 continues on from Book 1 in the same style of artistic musical examples, games, lesson plans, and arrangements, with careful attention to process, notation concepts, and recorder technique. It covers the notes C1, D1, low C, F, F# and Bb.

The music on the accompanying CD is performed on acoustic instruments. As in Book 1, there is a set of reproducible student pages for practice at home, with a CD for students, also reproducible.



"We use this essentially Canadian recorder program in our Orff teacher training program at the Royal Conservatory. Reach for a Star provides the support all teachers and students need to enjoy and be successful at recorder:

. engaging games,
. instructional strategies,
. great music,
. CD accompaniments,
. play-alongs, and
. lesson plans.

The reproducible student package makes this an essential and affordable resource for any school."

Catherine West
Dir: Orff Teacher Training
Royal Conservatory of Music



'This book has been a labour of love into which I have tried to put all the ideas and reflections I have amassed over years of teaching.

My aim is to provide detailed lesson plans to inspire students and teachers to reach high levels of pedagogy, performance, and musicianship.'

Marcelline Moody
Author: Reach For a Star

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